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Addiction can destroy the lives of individuals as well as the lives of their families. It can be exhausting and confusing sharing your life with an addict. Recovery Outcomes offers addiction family support.

Whether you are new to the process of getting help for a member of your family, or if you have been through cycles of treatment and relapse before, Recovery Outcomes can help you. We will find the best treatment for your relative and couple that with ongoing monitoring and support.

Recovery Outcomes guides you through the treatment process from beginning to end

Our programme is specialised to provide this continuous monitoring and support for individuals with an addiction. We offer a 2-year recovery support service which helps individuals achieve sustained recovery. Our service is very flexible and designed to improve outcomes, reduce harm and take preventive steps (when a relapse seems imminent) and to take action (when there is a relapse).

Some of the benefits include:

  • Affordable and flexible recovery support services that works for both the individual and their family
  • Weekly monitoring of abstinence (testing of urine, blood or breath) and other factors that affect recovery
  • Contacting the client’s family or support network when there is a need. Providing regular feedback to them is also an option, with the client’s consent (professional standards of confidentiality will be maintained at all times)
  • Where there are concerns relating to access to children, weekly review and testing can be provided by Recovery Outcomes
  • Interacting with all treating professionals
  • We promote the use of other recovery support services such as AA and NA

To discuss your relative’s treatment options, or to enquire about them joining the Recovery Outcomes Programme:

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Alcohol is the fourth leading cause of death in the USA (NIAAA)

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